2011. It’s the sea who is the artist, Luxury Living

Working on a photomonograph of an island, Visnja and Marijan Anic discovered a decorative sea phenomenon which is , due to its sluggishness, invisible to the naked eye. However it is visible in the sea photographs shot within a fraction of a second.

Namely, due to irregular refraction of light through the waves, you get a deformed picture of the sea bottom with specific coloristic and structural effects which resemble an abstract work of art.

The Anices have concluded that this is the phenomenon of freezing a situation which is invisible to the naked eye, whereby the fractions of the wave or sometimes even waterdrops appear lined with unexpected colours and often give an impression of an intended brushstroke or a stroke of a painter’s knife.

They called the shooting of the the seawaves with an intention of getting the effect of an abstract painting or a work of art: PAINTING WITH THE SEA. They have had six independent exhibitions and several joint ones.
The sea has been offering such ‘paintings’ for millions of years, but since everything has its own due time, what was needed was the contemporary level of the photo equipment, the sensibility for abstract pictures and a great patience to capture this additional potential of the sea.

Taking all this into account, the phenomenon seems promising.