2011. Pictures from an exhibition

No, we are not talking about the piano piece by Mussorgsky, we are referring to the recently (and eventually) organized exhibition of the spouses Visnja and Marijan Anic in the ‘Aqua’ gallery of the Croatian Waters on the occasion of the World Day of Water.

The motifs of the sea bottom filtered through the water itself, exposed to the interventions of the natural light and the streaming of the air, in their interpretation were a feast to the eye. Having an unquestionable artistic imagination, the authors combined the chance with a controlled photographic action, they reconciled two polarities – the nature and the technology (the sea and the camera) in order to capture and share with others their own fascination with this natural phenomenon.

The forms appearing before the viewers’ eyes were presentations of the phenomenon invisible to the naked eye. Only when approached with a certain exposition, the perceived segments of the sea beauty transform into a visual sensation which doesn’t resemble the classical photography at all. What we saw were fascinating ‘abstract paintings’ rich in colour and unusual morphology. In the interpretation of the Anices, the motif is replaced by an association or an evocation in a free perception formulated by a classical photographic procedure without subsequent intervention or revision.

The photographs we had the opportunity to see are the result of observation, study and recording, they are the reflection of an exploratory impulse and the life philosophy of gifted individuals who have recognised, selected and materialised the beauty and the potential of water to change and transform, recording it with a great number of clicks and with subsequent selections, intuitively reaching for the pieces which satisfy the criteria of the artistic artifact in terms of composition, morphology and colour…

When we first went through the photo gallery of the Anices on their Website, we were astonished with the beauty of the motifs, so much so, that we would come back to it again and again for days, always discovering something new, beautiful or interesting.

We thank them for that and wish them never to stop taking such photos and discovering to us the secret depths of the sea and the soul.

SANDA STANAĆEV BAJZEK, Graduate engineer in agronomy
MARIJA VIZNER, Art historian