2009. A couple who paint – with the Sea – “Život s mirovinom”

osvrti 04

Painting with the sea. You have probably never heard of it. But here is an opportunity to introduce you to a retired pair who, back in 2001, discovered the sea as an endless source of motifs as they took photos of our attractive Brijuni islands. Walking by the rocky coast they searched for a place in the shallow waters which would promise a picture. What you need are moderate waves, the sun, a picturesque seabed – and there you have it – an artistic phenomenon without the need for colours, canvas or paintbrush.

In fact, the Anićes do not create art, they find it. We asked them whether their pictures are perfect art photographs. “No,” they said, “it is all about photographing works of art created by the sea in an endless richness of colours and structures, moment by moment – from time immemorial.”

These attractive pictures hang in many galleries and homes and have been exhibited five times at independent exhibitions.