2005. The Sea Paints for the Anić Couple – “Večernji list”

osvrti 07

PHOTOGRAPHY: An exhibition at the CroArtPhoto Club

You could say that the “real” authors of the photographs captured by the camera of Višnja and Marijan Anić are the seabed, the sea and the light. The recorded material “Painting with the Sea” is now being exhibited at the Badrov CroArtPhoto Club at 25 Gajeva. The Anićes have already published their infatuation with the Brijuni islands in the form of a photo monograph and their already merged photographic authorship seems again inclined to be renounced here. Although the Brijuni sea and its seabed define the material part of the story, it is the Anićes who define the content of the abstract compositions “painted by the sea” by choosing the frame and the moment for each shot. The photographs can be viewed until 15 December.